I like to work alone, always have. I am also an artist and by definition a bit lazy. So I learned how to minimize, simplify.

The first hour of every workshop is pretty much the same. There is one sun, so in studio I use one reflective flash and will show where to place it. When I go out why do I look for open shadow or if no alternative by "killing the sun" using a solid? I will teach how to use black material to build your contrast, with flash, indoors as well as outdoors. We will talk about depth of field and how shallow I like to shoot (hardly above 5.6) and why sometime a tripod is mandatory and why I only use prime lenses.

I pay much attention to Estheticism and body language. We will talk about How I see beauty and how to express it. I am using simple tricks just to make sure that the pose looks natural.

The most part of the second hour will be devoted how to obtain Emotion. I have a technic. I am not a magicien. It is based on simple movement and repetition. I usually see myself teaching all my models and talents how to move in front my camera.  That's the technic I will show.